Hilde Hoogwaerts

Textile Artist
Hilde Hoogwaerts is a textile artist currently based in The Netherlands.

Her uniquely international approach to quilting redefines conventions in textures and patterns, and tells stories of her decades abroad. 

Workshops are available for anyone interested in learning more.

photo by Michel Wettstein
Hilde, originally from Nijmegen, the Netherlands, started making quilts in Atlanta about 30 years ago.

That’s where her life of traveling the globe began. In the decades that followed, she lived in 11 countries across 4 different continents, absorbing techniques, styles and textiles from North America, South East Asia, the Mediterranean, South America, and finally West Africa, before finally settling in Doorwerth.

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Hilde’s latest book, Fly Away With Me, was released in September 2023 by QuiltMania.

This book, bursting with energy and color, is totally dedicated to the beautiful African fabrics she encountered, and the 14 projects that are explained highlight their superb prints. Creative, contemporary and traditional at the same time, it is suitable for all levels of expertise and creativity. All patterns are explained in inches and centimeters, accompanied by full-size templates and richly illustrated with magnificent photos. Book in English and French.

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Hilde Hoogwaerts 2024 — Doorwerth, The Netherlands