Hilde’s boxes are handmade in a process also known as French Cartonnage. She specialises in all kinds of decorative boxes, incorporating special papers and fabrics to make unique forms to hold all kinds of items. She has made boxes for tea bags, thread collections, jewelry, hunting trophies and more, many of which were commissions.

Hilde’s journey with cartonnage started with her project, Gecko Boxes, which she launched while living in Singapore. Together with a friend she started giving workshops in the craft. The waiting list for these classes grew quickly as many people became eager to learn all about it. She conducted classes and created communities in Singapore, Saigon, São Paulo, Santiago and Accra. She now focuses her work on textile arts, but her past works and workshops are still available online. Be sure to visit her YouTube channel for more information.
Hilde Hoogwaerts 2024 — Doorwerth, The Netherlands